Camille Bax - Healing Tennis Elbow

A tennis match, even when played between friends, can be an intense sport that works every aspect of the body. And while leg and arm cramps are to be expected, players are also prone to tennis elbow- a condition that can bring on more issues for the wrists and shoulders.

For many people, a typical day is spent in a seated position. We sit as we work, study, eat, watch TV, or talk with others. Often, we slouch in our seats, with our backs rounded to achieve that effect. After years of adopting that posture, our shoulder muscles tilt forward, thus weakening the back muscles.

In tennis, the arm movement required to hit backhands and volleys originates in the shoulder. Every time you hit the ball with tilted shoulders, an unnecessary pressure is placed on the joint. Without the proper alignment of the shoulder muscle, the force exerted during each stroke opens the possibility of an injury. Over time, the force extends to the elbows and wrists.

Getting treated

Rather than ask for a shot of cortisone to treat the pain, work on getting the shoulder correctly aligned. The body works well when its posture is erect, the back slightly arched and the head sitting over the shoulders. The shoulder should align over the hips, which should place directly over the knees.
There's nothing radical when it comes to lengthening your tennis career. Maintain the proper body alignment to enjoy a pain-free playing experience.

Camille Bax is an avid tennis fan. She plays it for recreational purposes and is a 4.0 registered USTA player, a rating that helps her play against similarly rated opponents.

The family unit

Traditionally, the family unit was seen to consist of the parents and children, with the common structure being of father and mother at the top and children under them. While modern shifts in perception might have (slightly) changed this structure, the relevance of the family unit to the growth and development of morally upright individuals remains a huge factor in fostering family unity.

The following reasons underscore the importance of the family.

Raising children

Parents are a child's first contact with the world and society. It is the parents' responsibility to raise and provide for the kids until they are of age. During their growth, children learn the moral values and discipline that mold them into responsible, upright, and productive men and women. Children learn the importance of loving and honoring parents and pick up the qualities their parents embody.

Sense of belonging

The family is the setting through which a sense of belonging is fostered. Human beings possess the desire to feel loved, respected, accepted and recognized in society. There's no better place to foster that than through the family.


Research shows that people who are brought up in stable family settings are usually more confident in life. As a result of the love and support shown at the family level, such individuals approach life with more confidence.

Create lasting bonds

Blood is thicker than water, and the bonds created in the family tend to remain strong over the years. Unity within the family fosters a supportive environment where members can come together and pull through during the hard times.

Camille Bax is a loving mother of three children. She resides in Arizona, from where she ensures her children and husband can come home and find a warm, loving environment.

Places to visit in Arizona

In Arizona, the choice is truly yours when it comes to picking a place to visit. If you want snow-capped peaks or a hot desert, this state's got it. Arizona is divided into five regions, each with some tourist attraction sites like parks, lakes, and mountains. In a nutshell, Arizona's landscape is both beautiful and diverse to those that enjoy nature.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the most recognizable tourist attraction site in Arizona – with its steep valleys and rocky walls that stretch more than 200 miles from end to end. The Colorado River snakes its way through the canyon floor, from where it finds a home in the southwest.

The Grand Canyon is accessible through entrances on the South Rim and the North Rim. The western edge of this landmark is the town of Supai, which resides close to the Hualapai Indian Reservation. If you want to enjoy the sights of the Canyon, you can choose a number of activities including hiking, air tours, rafting, and using a bike.

Lake Mead

The largest water reservoir in America resides in Arizona. Capable of holding more than 8 trillion gallons of water, Lake Mead offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the water on a boat, swim, and fish. Lake Mead is home to some of the state’s best outdoor activities, including fishing, jet skiing, and anglers.

The surrounding desert is also home to a myriad of desert animals and vegetation, which make for great desert photography.

Camille Bax resides in Arizona and loves to travel and see the sights. Whenever she can, she takes her family on sightseeing trips to some of Arizona's best natural attractions.