Red Oak Tree

Meghan, Skyler

This is a red oak seedling.

Light Requirements

The Red Oak Tree thrives in full sun to partial sunlight but is shade tolerate in youth and is found in zones 3-7.

Temperature Requirements

The Red Oak Tree can exxperience average temperates of 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the North and 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the South.


The depth depends on the size of the seed of the tree but the average depth is 1 foot (12 inches) in depth.

Seed Spacing

The average is 6-8 iches part from each seed

Row Spacing

The average row spaacing is 12- 16 feet

Days/Time to Germinate

3-4 months to germinate after the -40 degree F temperature exposure

Special Treatment

Minimum of three months exposure to sub -40 degrees F temperatures

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