Clean up your campus bulletin board.


Campus goings-on. Anytime, anyplace.

Free pizza in the student center. Research volunteers needed. Couch for sale. Just the best humanities lecture ever. Free pizza in the science building. Frisbee match. Student government elections. Yoga on the quad. Free pizza in lecture hall C.

Isn't it time to put these things in a single, infinitely sharable, searchable place for everyone to see? Let's start a Campus Tackkover.

Here's how:

  1. Create a college campus Tackk for your campus event, organization, intramurals, elections, research project or thing for sale.
  2. Click and start typing! Edit headlines, copy, photos. Add a map, links, maybe a call-to-action button.
  3. Now, add it to your campus Tackkboard. At the bottom of your Tackk, add your college's Tackkboard name. Don't have one? Start one!
  4. Click FINISH. Your Tackk now appears on the campus Tackkboard and is ready for your to share the heck out of it across all your social networks.