Reduce the Distance in Distance Education--with Camtasia!

Workshop Resources

Sample Instructional Videos

Course Tour

A course tour is a great way to show students how to navigate your course.  No two courses are alike, so a tour is helpful for both novice and experienced online learners.  This is your chance to emphasize what's important and show students how to perform key functions.  Notice how Camtasia's editing tools enable you to reinforce key points and illustrate procedures.

Content Introduction

How about a video to introduce a new unit of content?  The one included here uses a mix of webcam video and presentation slides, all recorded in Camtasia.

Quick Announcement

Just turn on your webcam and talk to your students!

Welcome to a New Week

Build enthusiasm for the new week with a video introduction!  In this example, I congratulate students on their progress, highlight (literally) important materials, and show them where to find what they will need to get started.  Camtasia makes it easy to do all of this in one video.  If you are wondering how I got those fireworks behind me, you are ready to go Hollywood with a green screen!  Camtasia's "remove a color" tool is amazingly easy to use.

Feedback on Student Work

This is a sample video demonstrating how I use video to provide feedback on student writing.  It is based on feedback given about a real student's outline, but I have re-recorded it with a fake student name to protect privacy.  Students love these videos!  

How-To Guide

Use screencasting to walk your students through important processes.  My students email me often to tell me how much they appreciate this visual explanation, especially when it comes to unfamiliar technology!

You can also use video to welcome students to your website, if you have one  . . .

Resources for Making Videos

The Fuse app makes it easy to get photos and videos from your mobile device into Camtasia:

One of many places where you can download stock video for free.  This is great for a green screen background!

My go-to place for graphic design: