Can Plants Truly Be The Secret To A Happy, Productive Workforce?

What’s exactly on the other end from technology? It is technology. It has been found that as jobs become more technologically advanced with employees having to do more with computers and other technological appliances the level of stress keeps mounting and now it has reached new levels and now managers are busy trying to figure something that is low tech and effective against stress – and what else do you think they found – plants & flowers!

Researchers found that the key to happy people was a stress-free environment. You would be surprised that plants actually make people feel really better about their workplace when they see more of flowers and greenery around. And it isn’t some sort of placebo effect either. Here are some clear differences that become evident with flora in the work space.

Inspires innovative thinking

Stuck with the same assignment for long now? Have you tried with a pretty plant on your desk? It doesn’t even have to be on the desk, Designer planters will do the job as well. The people who were researching on the topic of increased productivity and presence of green plants in the vicinity found that there were more chances of an employee getting out of the rut if there was a planter or pot within sight. Men were affected more than women, but both groups showed clear differences in the way they reacted to indoor flowers or plants.

Improves attention and lower blood pressure

With so much to detract people from what they should be focusing on, there was nothing to help them focus back on their work, until researchers found that plants in the office helped with that. Low light species in the workplace help in reducing blood pressure levels and improves attention span of employees who were otherwise largely lost in workplace din & bustle.

Enhances aesthetic appeal

Who doesn’t want to work at a home where everything looks pretty? Office space interior designing takes care of a lot of things and plants are one of the most common tools designers use to improve how the insides of an office looks. If you own an old office space that completely overlooked everything on interior designing, then there is a very cost effective way to reinvent your office space without spending tons on hiring a designer for the job and that’s plants and flowers in designer flower pots!

Author Bio: Want your employees to work better and effectively? Perhaps you haven’t heard of what plants in designer flower pots can do. Find out more about that by reading this.