Can Royal Jelly Help With Fertility?

Royal Jelly is a dietary supplement that can be taken for numerous issues reasons, including to increase fertility. Actually, it isn't just taken to increase fertility but also for different areas of reproductive health like to boost libido also.

Although, royal jelly products are commonly used by women to increase fertility, men also take royal jelly products to boost libido, virility and sperm count. Royal jelly isn't taken just prior to conception. It can also be taken during and after pregnancy to help with hormonal regulation and balance as it provides support to the endocrine system.

Because royal jelly products can affect people in different ways, it is important that you understand the benefits of the product – specially when it comes to something as important as reproductive and fertility health.

Female Fertility Studies With Royal Jelly

Although there only few studies on humans to come up with real fertility benefits, lab studies on animals have reported that there are some possible benefits to fertility and the ability to conceive. A recent study that tested the effects of royal jelly on sheep shows positive benefits on reproductive health and the chances of conception.

Studies of Royal Jelly on Male Fertility

Studies that have examined the effects of royal jelly on male fertility in rabbits have shown an increased testosterone levels and improved sperm. However, it is important to mention that the product can act differently in humans.

Failure to conceive are sometimes caused by inadequate levels of folic acid in women system. Moreover, a lack of the amino acid arginine in men can result low sperm count. Since folic acid and arginine are present in royal jelly, it may has contributed for the success of the clinical trials.


When it comes to impotence in men, royal jelly products have been showing to cause positive effects. It can positively helps the prostate gland and also alleviate urethra compression. Since impotence is not consider incurable, there is not always necessary to rely on prescribed drugs or harsh chemicals to help the problem. Royal jelly is a natural product that have been proven to be effective in the treatment of various libido and fertility related problems including impotency.

It is recommended that you consult with your health care professional prior to take royal jelly for fertility as well as during pregnancy or while nursing.