Canberra – The Australian Wine Region You Need To Know More About

Australia. The land of history, the land of beauty, the land of wonders. Apart from the eternal summer, kangaroos and the fairy bread, there is one more thing on the list of things Australia is most famous for – Australian wine.

The Australian wine is a plain synonym of quality, unique taste and subtle sophistication. It is one of the must-have 'items' on every dinner table, the perfect companion to every dish and every occasion. Australia, the land of wine, takes pride in having more than 60 designated wine regions all over the continent, but only a few of them can be considered as a real 'treasure houses' of the finest quality Australian wine. One of them is Canberra, true indeed.

Without any shadow of doubt, Canberra is the Australian wine region where fancy bottles of the most expensive, luxuriously exquisite, delicate, rich and silky wine come from. If you have the opportunity to visit the Canberra region, do not forget to stop by only 30 minutes from the centre of Canberra and see the best wineries, such as Helm Wines, Clonakilla, Four Winds and Eden Road. Maybe the simple fact that the average price of a bottle of wine coming from the Canberra region is astonishing $100, can be one of the most reliable indicators for this wine's unmatched quality and unique taste.

You must be asking which are the wine names that are nothing, but a 100% pure Canberra wineries ' product. Maybe some of the upcoming answers will turn out to be the wine you like the most that is coming exactly from the best Canberra vineyards, who knows? Thus, the most popular wine brands signed with the names of the most reputable Canberra wineries are: Riesling, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Chardonnay.

True wine lovers say that Riesling is the premium wine that takes the top position of every Australian wine lover’s bucket list. The finest quality Riesling is produced in the Helm Wines winery, owned by Ken Helm - one of the world’s top authorities on Riesling.

The Eden Road winery, on the flip-side, is best known for the production of the most beautiful, outright velvety and sexy Pinot Noir. One of the real gems of this winery is the Eden Road 2012 Long Road Pinot Noir, which is the perfect food matching to yummy pizzas coming right from the stone oven!

This was only a short introduction to Canberra – the most popular region for superior quality Australian wine. Truth is that no words have the power to describe the magic of Canberra. And there is no other way to understand these lines, than go there and personally experience the wine-side of the whole Canberra story.