Candace Breed

Hiker and Gardener with an Artistic Heart

About Candace Breed

Dedicated to the pursuit of artistic and personal growth, Candace Breed pursues a diverse range of interests. She enjoys exploring the outdoors and discovering new hiking destinations. Candace Breed has completed numerous trips throughout the Sierra Nevada mountain range and on trails across Michigan and Wisconsin, where she has been fortunate to experience many wildlife sightings.
An animal lover, Candace Breed finds joy in the company of her small dog. Her home pleasures also include cultivating her garden, where she grows the vegetables that she then uses in her vegetarian cooking. In addition, she designed and planted a flower garden for beauty and reflection.Candace Breed also holds a fondness for arts of all kinds. She has an eclectic taste in music and maintains a personal collection of recordings that includes jazz and blues as well as big band and classic rock. She enjoys visiting art museums and attending live theatrical productions, as well as staying at home and relaxing with a book.

Choosing a Backpack for Backpacking Trips

Nature enthusiast Candace Breed enjoys a number of outdoor activities in her free time. For instance, Candace Breed likes to go backpacking with her family.

Many people who want to explore remote outdoor areas, including those that can’t be accessed by car, enjoy going on backpacking trips. However, in order to best enjoy your outdoor excursion, it’s important to be prepared. This includes getting a comfortable backpack to hold your gear.

Backpacks for outdoor trips come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and the options may seem overwhelming. To narrow down the selection, consider what types of trips you plan to take. A heavy-duty backpack designed to hold gear for weeks in the wilderness would be heavier and contain more room than necessary if you plan to go on day trips or short overnight trips, for example.

Once you’ve selected a backpack that meets your needs, you should consider how it fits, since a poor-fitting backpack can quickly become bothersome and uncomfortable on long trips. When considering fit, the length of your torso, not your height, is a key consideration. Be sure that the backpack rides comfortably on your hips and the waist belt (if there is one) fits snugly. Many styles come in multiple sizes, and some are specifically designed for women. If you are between two sizes, a pack with an adjustable harness might be an option worth considering. A sporting goods expert can help you find a backpack that both fits well and holds the gear you need to carry.

Technique Tips for Runners

Candace Breed stays fit by following a regimen that involved daily exercise. An avid runner, Candace Breed is currently preparing to compete in a half-marathon.

For most runners, but especially long-distance runners, good form is key to injury prevention and optimal performance. Running form begins with solid posture and alignment, which in turn requires a forward-facing torso. Many runners twist the upper body when running, which takes energy away from the lower body. Twisting typically causes the hands to swing across the midline, when instead they should be held loose and at the side of the body with elbows at 90 degrees. The torso, in turn, should be relaxed yet strong with a slight forward tilt at the hips.

Runners should also focus on keeping their stride at a manageable length. This can be difficult for novice runners, who often attempt a longer stride to achieve a faster speed. Experts suggest an optimal frequency of 180 footfalls per minute, or 45 steps in 15 seconds. Concentrating on a faster rather than longer stride also helps runners avoid extending the leg too far, which can lead to landing on the heel and preventing an efficient push-off.

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