Candice Carter

Day 1

Today I Made...

A clay pyramid. I made a clay pyramid because i thought it was the most structurely sufficient monument. I worked on this independently. I made this in a workshop. The most challenging part was finding the most stable structure to build with the clay. I learned that some clay is harder to sculpt and build structures with.

Day 2

I used TinkerCad and made a key tag with the program. I leaned about all the different and wonderful things that can be done with 3D printing. And how mass manufacturing affects 3D printers negatively. I also made a chess piece (pawn). It looks like a gnome! I worked on this independently. My least favorite part of designing the chess piece was when i had to design without having a specific outline. My most favorite part was having a finished out come.

Day 3

Today I Made.. the basilica of st. peters. I had difficulty making this structure because in the design program tinker cad your only able to use shapes and not able draw free hand. My favorite part was when we had to look for reference pictures. I found some great panoramic aerial pictures for reference to make the replicated design.

Day 4

I also made signs for a ye` old theme park!

Today I finished editing my replica of the St. Peter Basilica.

I made changes to my chess piece to.

The most challenging part of today was making changes to all of my previous work. I was making measurements and scaling everything down to size so that it could be ready for 3D printing. My favorite part of the day was making the signs because it was the least stressful part of the day.

Day 5

Today I started to make one of my jungle animals for my series! It was really cool. I downloaded the horse from this site called thingiverse and I started remixing it. I started changing it and making it my own. I have to make this look like a zebra. My series is Jungle Themed Jewlery.

Day 6 ^_^

Today I made an elephant and a zebra for my jewelry series! The elephant was the easiest part of the day! I came late so I didn't have time to do what I wanted to get done. I did get some things that I wanted done so the day wasn't all lost. THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF THE DAY was trying to find the correct shapes to use for my elephant.

Day 7

Today I Made...

Today I edited and made 4 animals for my series. The most difficult part was finding reference to make the animals. The easist part of the day was when the designing was over. The most stressful part of the day was finding the right shapes to make the design look as similar as possible to real life animal.

Day 8

Today I Made...

I made some more jewlery yay. I also made a mash up of the green lanterns logo and the flash`s logo. I also made of cufflinks and some minecraft glasses and a bracelet. The hardest part of the day was designing the jewlery and getting all of the measurements correct. The best part of the day was when the designing was over and I was finished the editing and designing. We had a superhero logo or superhero mashup challenge. WE had to either make your own superhero or mashup superhero logos.