Co-Creating Engagement in a 1:1 World Languages Class

French model of an ancient Roman crane, called a "Polyspaston"


Mihi  (mee-hee) nomen (no men) est ...

Natalie Cannon  

Magistra Cannon 2011
My little guys Circa June 2013 - Pic Stitch App


After introductions, I have a Warm Up activity for you.  Please click on the violet button or scan the QR code below to get to our padlet.

Have you heard of the SAMR concept?

Is there an App for that?

Probably!  There are so many apps out there.  Too many.  It can be hard to know where to start and what is actually helpful vs what is a neat idea but not practical in a classroom setting for various reasons.  

Click HERE for a link to a document that my World Languages Department created with different apps and web tools that we use and recommend.  

It is also pictured below.

American Sign Language

ASL III - Collaborating with TSD Students

French IV AP

Latin I

Latin I - Keynote to introduce students to each other & to the content

iPads @ work in class and for projects

Because I hate it when I am given new ideas without practical information, like how to go about implementing and grading them, I am going to include several rubrics and info/instruction guides that I have created to go along with the presentation.  I am trying to provide a selection that covers that which is shared by all languages- no knowledge of Latin is required to understand the linked documents; all are in English.

Please, forgive the inevitable typos and mistakes! These are working documents that evolve over time.  I never do exactly the same project twice, so all of my documents and rubrics evolve more or less with the projects.  Sometimes less ...

Vocabulary - This is a Vocabulary assignment meant to start with the 1st chapter and grow with each chapter throughout the year.

Grammar - This is a Grammar project in which students teach other students.  I have used a version of this project in Levels I, II, and III Pre-AP, and I have used it at the beginning of the year to review the previous year as well as at the end of the year prior to exams.  This version is from the end of the year and comprises a series of major grades.

Composition: Individual and Composition: Groups - These are Composition activities that I use around Halloween every year.  We will have usually just learned the Imperfect and Future Indicative, so it is a fun chance to try composing with them.  In Latin, unlike modern languages, the ability to speak and compose in the target language is not required.

Culture- This is a Culture project that I begin the year with in Latin II because it is based on where we suddenly find ourselves in the first chapter of our textbook.  It introduces my freshmen to their iPads, to proper research techniques, and gives them excellent background knowledge for the setting of the stories in the first few chapters.  The second page has a suggested list of apps, web tools, etc that I posted in eBackpack separately for each subsequent project.

History - This is a Research project in which students choose any focus related to the time, people, or place associated with a chapter in our textbook and an epic miniseries that we watch once we have worked through the chapter.

Translation - This is a Translation (Latin to English) activity that I created and used prior to moving into a school with iPads. It still works with iPads, but it is not as easy.  

Other Translation activities are included below as an iMovie Preview, a claymation video, a stop-motion drawing video with narration and original music, and a remake of "Let It Go" as a summary of a story we translated.

Beyond the Screen - It can't be all devices, all the time!

Blended Digital & Analog Learning

The Food at Masada - presented live & with tackk

Model of Masada & Presentation on tackk

The Pantomime Project - summarized on tackk

The Archery Project - presented through tackk

And now, the best part ... time to PLAY!

Remember the introductions you made earlier?  Get back with whomever you tried out your Latin previously, and work on any of the following:

  • Pick an App or something you have learned about today and explore/play with it
  • Adapt or Modify a lesson or activity that you think might be suited to try next year
  • Create a lesson or activity that you can actually use in one of your classes next year
  • Share notes & talk about something you have learned so far at iPadpalooza - it is a whirlwind experience
  • Brainstorm questions, comments, or ideas for me and/or surrounding groups

Be ready to share what you do and any insights that you may have with the entire group at the end of our session or digitally afterward, depending on the time we have.   

Post your ideas, questions, links, etc in the COMMENT STREAM below!

Wrap-Up ... Thank you!

And, finally, a Wrap Up activity ... unlike an Exit Ticket, it is not required before you leave the room, but please try to post something before you leave iPadpalooza 2014.


Google Drive Folder for Documents, Sample Projects, etc.

Canva to create the poster session flier and the backgrounds for the Warm Up & Wrap Up activities

padlet as a space to actually do the Warm Up & Wrap Up activities

I played around with the Pic Stitch app yesterday and posted a picture of my boys too.

All student projects and creations are used with permission and should have their creators identified in film credits, text, or captions.  Gratias maximas ago, Discipuli!