By: Haleigh Slayden

The population of Cuba is 11.27 million people, also their national language is spanish. The capital city of Cuba is Havana, Cubans us pesos' for their money. They have many neighboring countries a few are Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic.

Famous place people travel in Cuba are Bayamo a little bit about Bayamo is this city was founded by Diego Velazquez de Cuellar in the year 1513. Bayamo in Cuba turned out to be the leading town in the nation. Another famous place is Havana some information about Havana is This city is considered to be the oldest city founded by the Europeans. It extends towards the south from the bay area, which includes three main harbors – Marimelena, Atares and Guanabacoa. One more place that is famous to visit is Camaguey a little about this place is it is the biggest region in the country of Cuba also There are no such mountain ranges or small hills.

Some frequently use expresstions in Cuba are asere – friend, also yuma – foreigner, lastly ¿no tiene un peso furete? – do you have an extra coin?

Popular food in Cuba is black beans, tostones, chicken, and pork. A popular drink is coffee, tea, beer, soft drinks, and rum.

Cuban weather is  tropical with a dry season from November to April and a rainy season from May to October; which is also sometimes causes hurricanes.