Captain Mark Pomerenke

Experienced Bahamas Catamaran Captain

About Captain Mark Pomerenke

Captain Mark Pomerenke has lived aboard ship for more than two decades and currently skippers the 45-foot Privilege catamaran Stray Cat III, which sails the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. He holds a USCG 50-ton Master’s license and offers people relaxing, stress-free vacation adventures in beautiful tropical settings.
Having hosted charter guests from diverse countries around the globe, he enjoys their surprise and smiles of joy while exploring and sharing with them secluded beaches and charming small islands where cruise ships aren't found.
Captain Mark Pomerenke frequently teaches sailing enthusiasts basic sailing as well as the experienced sailor wishing to polish or expand their knowledge, he also instructs transitioning traditional monohull sailors, with their skill set, to the sphere of mulitihull Catamarans.

Captain Pomerenke had an extensive career in the United States Air Force, which included active duty through the 1960s and 1970s. His various responsibilities encompassed service as a rated Flight Engineer aboard the four engine heavy jet C 141 aircraft and as a tow target operator aboard Phantom F4E fighter aircraft. In 1976, he established Professional Management Associates, which offered Arizona physicians practice management consultation. Pomerenke purchased his first live-aboard cruising catamaran, Nine Lives, in the early 1990s he cruised for two years gaining hands-on experience in all aspects of sailing then attended Houston Marine Institute, upon graduation he set for the Masters license.

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