Charcters Setting Themes

Kyra troendle

Character types

Dynamic character

A dynamic character is a character that undergoes a change in attitude or personality in a story. an example of a dynamic character in "Ashfall" is Darla. At first she doesn't like Alex and sems very cold-hearted. But over the course of the book she begins to like him and she finds oeut that he is actually a good guy. She also begins to become more caring about other people and animals and comes to appreciate the small things.

Static character

a static character is a character that undergoes NO change to personality or attitude in a story. An example of a static character in "Maze Runner" is Gally. He comes off as a very rude and self-centered person. It turns out that is exactly what he is like. Throughout the book he just cares for himself and only thinks about his survival. He is cold-hearted and a rather terrible person.

How setting affects characters

Historical setting affects the characters because if the characters in my book had more modern tools like cars, their commutes wouldn't take so long and their father wouldn't be gone for so long. With this the setting also affects how they wash clothes and how long they have to work on it. It also affects how woman are treated, if this was more modern the girls wouldn't get in trouble for rough housing with the little boys in their town. Creating profit from the harvest would be easier if they had plows and didn't have to pluck each ear of corn by hand individually.

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