Cardio Workout Meals

The best time and food to eat

Wondering what's the best thing to eat for your cardio-workout routine?

It’s best to eat a mixture of carbs and fat for heavy cardio people, because the body switches back and forth between which one it burns during cardio workouts.

Because you cannot choose which nutrient your body uses up during the workout, its best to eat a balance of both.


Focus on a light amount of healthy carbs- eating too many carbs before a workout takes too long to digest (so does protein and fat)

60 minutes or less
before a workout snacks

Nonfat yogurt

low-fat granola bar

pice of fruit

handful of pretzels

Carb suggestions

whole grains





After a Workout

This is the time to refuel your energy stores and help tired or worn-out muscles to fully recover- with healthy carbs and protein.

Fat Suggestions

olive oil



peanut butter



If it has been less than 4 hours from your last meal, try these snack
options to rebuild protein

Glass of chocolate milk

Hummus with pita chips

Protein bar