5 Photo Story

By: Beka Johnson

It was a hot day in Florida almost one of the hottest ever recorded so two sisters Cassie and Beka decided that they would go to the beach to try and stay cool. Before they left they thought of all the possible things that they might need on this hot sunny day. First, Cassie said that they would need sun block so then they packed sun block. Next they thought that they each might need a towel for when they go swimming, and a few bottles of water would be good. After they were all packed they were on there way.

Cassie and Beka had walked a few blocks, then they decided they should take the back way, next to the water, because it was cool. After they were walking for awhile they approached what seemed to be a mysterious lagoon. Once they got closer they started to get scared. They both knew of the creature that lies beneath the water. The mortifying alligator. As they walked by the lagoon they tried to stay as quiet as they possibly could so they wouldn’t draw any attention to themselves. They walked for almost five minutes until they were passed the Lagoon. Once they were passed it they both let out a sigh of relief!

However, the girls had no idea that there was an alligator only a few yards ahead of them. As they walked upon another body of water they saw an alligator. What they’d been afraid of seeing all along. There he was a 5 foot alligator, that looked like he could eat both of the girls in one bite. They saw both of their lives flash before their eyes as the alligator began to move toward them. Neither of the girls knew what to think or do. They were in complete shock! As the alligator got closer to them they took off running. Running so fast that they dropped all of their things. Out of no where a man dressed in a tan uniform came and trapped the alligator. The girls were free. They had never felt so sure of life before. After the man shot the alligator he loaded him up into his truck and asked the girls if they needed a ride. They said yes and on they went to the beach.

When they pulled up to the beach a feeling of excitement came over the two of them. Feeling as safe as they possibly could, they hopped out of the vehicle and thanked the man for saving their lives and bringing them to the beach. They spent the rest of the day swimming and hanging out with their friends at the beach.

Finally they were on their way home! They could not wait to tell their parents the kind of day that they had. This time they decided to walk down town so they didn’t have another near death experience. While they were walking they noticed all of the spectacular lights and something very unusual. There were thousands of motorcycles. More than either of the girls had ever seen before. Traffic was so crazy that they decided to stop at their aunt’s restaurant that was only a few blocks away so that they could call their parents to come and get them. Once they got to the restaurant Cassie called their mom and within the next 20 minutes her and their father were there to get them. They went inside to get the girls, but instead of being approached with a hug, the girls both came running telling the same story at a fast speed. Both parents tried to listen but they couldn’t so they decided to sit down and get some food to listen to the story.

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