Career Investigation

Fashion stylist


Some important characteristics i want that are included in this job are:

  • Autonomy
  • collaboration
  • recognition
  • compensation
  • leadership
  • creativity
  • variety
  • recognition
  • artistic expression
  • influence.

Career components and concideration

  • Training- no requirements, but could possibly go to college for fashion and do an internship
  • expected earnings- starting at $32,500 per year, mid at $64,500 per year, and professionals could earn up to $130,000 per year
  • job prospects- -3%, not many people succeed in this field. You have to be the best to do it professionally.
  • what they do-
  1. producing creative design solutions
  2. selecting fashion accessories that will complement a particular outfit
  3. setting meetings with PR companies, retailers and manufacturers
  4. hiring, borrowing, or purchasing props, garments and accessories
  5. dressing models, celebrities, and other people who hired their services
  6. building up a good network of clients
  7. keeping an eye on the constantly changing fashion trends
  8. conceptualizing and developing fashion visuals that can be used for photo shoots or movie sets
  9. packing and returning borrowed outfits and accessories
  10. giving insights on what type of outfits, accessories, and shoes must be purchased
  11. assessing the wardrobe style of a certain individual (i.e. model or celebrity)
  12. putting together creative and unique fashion outfits
  13. combining outfits and accessories that will look good on the wearer
  14. helping people dress more fashionable
  • working conditions- good. in an office, studio, or home of the client. They sometimes work outside for photoshoots
  • Leaders of the field- Rachel zoe, kate young (Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz), Leslie fremar ( Charlize Theron, Julianne Moore, Reese Witherspoon), Petra Flannery ( Emma Stone, Claire Danes, Zoe Saldana, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox)
  • Obstacles- Travel alot, long hours
  • Professional orginzations- USFIA, AAFA
  • Trends-

History- fashion has changed drasticly, and continues to change. From ballgown dresses to pants and a t-shirt

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