Applied Physics

By: Raven Cunningham

Session 1 we had defined Velocity and Acceleration by using air and a small car to see what they mean and what happens with them

Session 2

We had looked at how sound is what it is and we had gotten to see what a wavelength actually looks like

Session 3

We had seen how metal expands and found out which one expanded the fastest.

Session 4

we learned about conductors and insulators.

Session 5

We had figured out how people make sunglasses and we conducted our our experiment of what color our lens would be. Mine would be Moss green and Medium red

session 6

We had learned about laser light and how they were crated and who created them.

Session 7

We had demonstrated how to use a laser light and we had transferred sound waves through the laser.

Careers in the field

The career in the field that i chose is Government agencies and labs employ those with an Applied Physics background. Agencies include the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention; National Aeronautics & Space Administration; Department of Agriculture; National Bureau of Standards; Department of Energy; National Institutes of Health; Department of Defense; National Science Foundation; Department of Health & Human Service; Occupational Safety & Health Administration; Environmental Protection Agency; Patent Office; Food & Drug Administration; and the Smithsonian Institution.