A New Way to Spend the New Year
Holiday in the Caribbean

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

I think it was my ninth visit to this island that will some day be my second home, but my first time being there during the holidays. It was very interesting to see what a holiday that I'm so used to associating with cold weather and snow is like when it's 80+ degrees on a Caribbean island. I'll take it!

I logged 9 more dives in my dive book, ending with a night dive, to put me at 81 dives. Aside from the heavenly weather, the biggest difference of spending the New Year on Bonaire was the fireworks. They put our fireworks to shame. There are numerous elaborate, very lengthy fireworks displays that light up the sky. It was like bombs were being set off over the course of numerous days. And if there was something as small as a firecracker, well, they set of a mile stretch of them.

The photos I'm sharing were taken at Buddy Dive Resort, where I completed my Open Water certification back in 2009. Enjoy!

***Any other divers out there? Anyone else out there who has been to Bonaire? I'd love to hear from you!***