Carleton Crutchfield

Carelton Crutchfield, St. Paul, Minnesota-Based Attorney

About Carleton Crutchfield

Carleton Crutchfield holds the position of partner at Crutchfield & Martin, PLLC. Through the St. Paul, Minnesota-based firm, he helps start-ups and small businesses with entity formation, financing, and other development matters. Carleton Crutchfield also serves clients involved in Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. He helps clients who wish to eliminate debt, keep their assets, stop harassment, rebuild their credit, and end wage garnishment.

With over 20 years’ legal experience, Mr. Crutchfield helps clients overcome the financial burdens of disability, job loss, credit card bills, bad mortgages, medical bills, and student loans. He attains favorable outcomes by fighting for a client’s rights and creating strong relationships.

Although the thought of filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming, Mr. Crutchfield helps individuals understand the complex proceedings by providing accurate information in understandable terms. The clients he serves have the knowledge and education they need to make an informed decision about their financial future.

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