Carl Freer

Carl Freer - Experienced Consumer Technologies Executive

A prominent consumer technologies executive with a wealth of experience in the medical device sector, Carl Freer is the founder and chief innovation officer of Aluminaid in Singapore. A medical device company with patents and trademarks on several innovative products and treatment methods, Aluminaid has introduced a line of medical bandages for patients with first- and second-degree burns. As a member of the Aluminaid executive team, Carl Freer has played an integral role in the company’s intellectual property efforts.

Before taking up his current duties, Carl Freer spent several years as the co-founder and chairman of FilmFunds, Inc., a networking site for actors, financiers, filmmakers, and fans. In this role, he oversaw all activities at the company and helped filmmakers secure funding in new and innovative ways. FilmFunds administered the social online marketing campaign for the Weinstein Company and La Petite Reine-produced film The Artist, which won the 2012 Academy Award for Best Picture.

Carl Freer worked for three years as the co-founder of a mobile search application, which utilized a wide range of cutting-edge vision recognition and augmented reality technologies. He originally designed the application to improve navigation through cities and public sites. Before long, the technology was licensed to a number of Fortune 500 companies, which used it in a digital survey and sampling capacity.

Earlier in his career, Carl Freer served as the Chairman, director of innovation and product development at Tiger Telematics, Inc.

How Aluminaid’s Burn-Relief Technology Works

As Aluminaid’s founder and head of innovation, Carl Freer helps to develop new medical technologies, including a first-of-its-kind form of burn relief that falls under international patent protection. The dressings represent the first revolution in burn treatment in a century, drastically reducing the time needed to cool down burn injuries.

Most burn-relief treatments, such as placing a burn wound under cool water or applying an ice pack, take about 20 minutes to cool off. During that time, heat has ample opportunity to spread to deeper tissues and cause damage. Aluminaid’s burn-relief technology cools wounds in just seconds, preventing damage caused by lingering heat.

The secret lies in the application of heat-sink technology to the burn dressing. Each dressing contains several layers. A medical adhesive bonds the dressing to the skin at the lowest layer. Above that, a hydrogel adhesive holds the Aluminaid thermal radiator, a layer of conductive metal, in place. The bandage is finished off with an anti-stick backing. The layers conduct heat away from the wound and facilitate the removal of heat by the air, restoring temperature equilibrium to the skin 32 times faster than other remedies.

Swedish Wildlife Preservation Efforts at Nordens Ark

Located on the historic Aby Manor in Sweden’s Bohuslan province, Nordens Ark is one of the country’s preeminent wildlife advocacy organizations. While it offers a public zoo and park facilities, the nonprofit group’s main focus is on wildlife preservation through its highly successful breeding and reintroduction program.

Nordens Ark is specifically tasked with raising a number of endangered species and releasing them into their native Swedish habitats. Among the protected species raised at the facility is the graceful peregrine falcon, as well as more humble creatures such as green toads and Capricorn beetles.

Nordens Ark shares its expertise with conservation efforts in other nations throughout the world, as well. For example, in the last 15 years the organization has bred and released the Eurasian lynx in Poland, Eurasian otters in Holland, and European wild cats in Germany. Nordens Ark has also been deeply involved with the conservation of snow leopards in Mongolia and Amur tigers in eastern Russia.

Through its comprehensive breeding and reintroduction program, Nordens Ark aims to preserve ecological diversity both in Sweden and around the world.