Carlos Santana

by: Adrionna Butler

Carlos Santana Is a Mexican Blues, Jazz, R&B, and Rock and Roll guitarist. He started playing the guitar ate at the age of 8. He wanted to be like his father who was a violist. He has always loved music. Now Carlos still makes music and does tours. Carlos inspired many Latino's and Americans to follow their dreams to make music.  

Carlos Augusto Alves Santana was born on July 20, 1947 in Autl├ín de Navarro, Mexico. Carlos was born playing music. His father Jose was a Violinist. When Santana was 8 he started to learn how to play the guitar. Santana and his family moved to Tijuana in 1955.    As a teenager Carlos played blues and Rock & Roll at strip clubs. Later in the 1960's His family moved to San Francisco so his father could find work. After the Santana family moved to San Francisco Carlos became a dish washer and played on the street for spare change.  In the year of 1996 Santana formed a group called the Santana Blues Band.

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