Carlo Thomas

Experienced Vocal Coach in Sarasota, Florida

About  Carlo Thomas

Carlo Thomas brings decades of experience in the performing arts to his work as a vocal coach. He has owned and operated the Carlo Thomas Vocal Studio in Sarasota, Florida, for more than 10 years. As a vocal technician, Mr. Thomas trains singers of every vocal range and is experienced in voice repair. He counts Anne Fridel and actress Melanie Souza among his former students.
Mr. Thomas has vast experience on and off Broadway, in regional and stock programs, and in radio and television. A veteran actor, he has performed in such famous venues as Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. He is a bass singer who is able to sing in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Italian, and Hebrew.
Mr. Thomas holds a BA in dramatic arts from East Stroudsburg University and has studied under Harold Brown, Donald Meyers, Samuel Margolis, Hulda Rossini, and other prominent vocal instructors.

About Sullivan Foundation Grants

A vocal technician and vocal coach, Carlo Thomas has performed in many prominent productions in the United States, including performances of The Egg and Martin’s Lie at the Spoleto Festival USA. For his work, vocal coach Carlo Thomas has received positive reviews in the New York Times, and from 1973 to 1981, he received a number of Sullivan Foundation grants.

Founded in 1956, the William Matheus Sullivan Musical Foundation takes its name from a lawyer who wanted to foster the talent of young singers. The foundation is dedicated to providing financial assistance to emerging singers. To identify the best talent, the foundation holds auditions in New York annually, and in 2015, it awarded $15,000 to each winner in the categories of sopranos, tenors, and baritones. Additionally, the winners are eligible to apply for Role Preparation Grants, which support language, vocal, dramatic, and musical coaching.

The Sullivan Foundation also provides Career Development Awards worth $5,000, and in 2015, it awarded 10 singers in the categories of sopranos, mezzos, tenors, baritones, and basses.

Grant applications are open to singers who have completed their academic training and sung at one or more productions put on by an established company featuring full orchestral accompaniment. Further requirements apply, and a complete list of requirements is available on the foundation’s website.

Hugh Martin’s Songwriting in Meet Me in St. Louis

Vocal technician and coach Carlo Thomas has performed in Broadway, off-Broadway, and regional musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, and Cats. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in dramatic arts, Carlo Thomas went on to work with Timothy Gray and Hugh Martin, the latter of whom wrote several hit songs for the film Meet Me in St. Louis.

Meet Me in St. Louis is based on the memoirs of Sally Benson, about a family of six living in St. Louis. The two eldest daughters experience the highs and lows of falling in love while the family contemplates a move from their home in St. Louis to a new life in New York. Judy Garland played the lead role of Esther in the film adaptation, with Hugh Martin composing iconic songs such as “The Boy Next Door,” “The Trolley Song,” and, most famously, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” for her to sing.

Mr. Thomas, who operates a studio as a vocal coach in Sarasota, Florida, is currently creating a show based on his experience working with Martin and Gray entitled Off His Trolley.

Vocal Cord Care Tips

An experienced theater professional and vocal coach, Carlo Thomas has been cast in many well-known musicals, including Chicago, Cats, and Fiddler on the Roof, throughout his career. As a vocal technician, Carlo Thomas focuses on assisting actors and singers in developing their voices.

An important part of voice development is the care of the vocal cords. The cords themselves are two folds of skin located within the larynx that vibrate when air from the lungs passes through them. The throat, nose, and mouth then work together to produce a unique sound from the vibrations. Caring for vocal cords first requires regular hydration so that mucosal membrane covering the folds of skin do not dry out. Additionally, it is important that heavy coughing and excessive throat clearing be avoided when possible, as the effects are extremely harsh on cords.

Before using your voice to sing, it is also a good idea to perform exercises that stretch the muscles of the throat. An example of a helpful exercise would be to hum softly, changing the pitch of the sound from high to low as the exercise progresses.

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