Carmelo Cerrelli

Charitably Minded Trader and Business Leader

About Carmelo Cerrelli

As an independent index and futures trader through BB&T FX in Toronto, Giacomo M. Carmelo Cerrelli uses online trading platforms to risk manage, price, and move products with the goal of short-term profits. He comes to this role backed by nearly 30 years of professional experience, having initiated his career as a planner with Edward Jones in the mid-1990s. After four years in this position, G.M. Carmelo Cerrelli accepted an invitation to join the newly formed ADP Optimal Services as CEO and financial planner.

Successful in driving ADP Optimal Services to profitable revenues, G.M. Carmelo Cerrelli achieved similar success as CEO of the Iptv start-up UBTC. After three years, he left UBTC to serve Pinnacle International of Montreal as a business development manager. His work has since led to a 200 percent increase in revenues in the company's Asia Pacific region with a reduction in operating and vendor costs of 20 percent. Mr. G.M Cerrelli has now performed in his roles at BBT FX concurrently for six years.

An active volunteer and philanthropist outside of his professional pursuits, Carmelo Cerrelli has founded a children's charity focused on providing an education and improved well-being. He has also helped to fund and build schools in developing nations.