Civilian Space Travel

A novel By: Carmen Passarelli

3,2,1 Blastoff! But before you put on your space suit, consider that space travel is expensive and should not be an option for civilians. It also can be very dangerous and should have a purpose, just like everything else in life should have a purpose. So before you begin your career as an astronaut, prepare yourself for an out-of-this world debate.

Space travel can be very expensive, costing almost a fortune just to spent a day up in space. Instead of wasting of wasting money on resources for civilians, NASA should be sending astronauts to space, to help gather more information on space. Just think about your hard-working money spent on a one day trip! How would you feed your family? If matters worsen, you might end up in debt and loose your house.

There are more cons than pros on the idea of space travel. One very serious one is danger, which everyone should take into consideration. Going into space can be life-changing for you and your loved ones. When landing, your space shuttle could crash, your muscles could collapse, and/or your space suit may have a problem with loosing air. For example, lets say in the space shuttle there is an experienced space traveler with common civilians. If an incident was to occur such as the space shuttle crashing, the inexperienced civilians could get into his/her way so that the space traveler cannot perform their duty and bring all the civilians to safety. If something happened to you, your loved ones would be devastated, and no one wants their family to be in pain.

Although it would be an amazing sight to see and a memorable trip for sure, what's the purpose for NASA wasting money and opportunities to gain knowledge on space, on a bunch of civilians? Astronauts have gone through years of training just to identify different types of rocks. When civilians are sent into space, they could easily pass up evidence that could change the whole idea of science, and not even realize it!

Yes, space traveling would be fun, and definitely a memorable vacation, but the risks are too high and something could go wrong really easily. What are your thoughts on space travel? Are you really willing to risk your life, and a fortune, on a one day trip? Just remember, in space, anything can go wrong.

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