Psychiatric Treatment for Children and Adults

Dr. Carol Harrus brings more than two decades of experience as a practicing psychiatrist to the management of her Palo Alto, California, psychotherapy office. An Advanced Candidate with the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California in San Francisco, Dr. Harrus has received extensive training in psychoanalysis as well as in child and adolescent psychiatry. In conjunction with her duties as a psychiatrist, Dr. Carol Harrus also maintains responsibilities as an Adjunct Clinical Faculty member with the Stanford University School of Medicine’s Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She belongs to the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

At her Palo Alto practice, Dr. Harrus offers a number of treatment options for children, teens, and adults. After initial diagnostics interviews, Dr. Harrus reviews her findings with the patient and collaborates with them to develop a customized treatment plan that will best fit their needs. For infants, children, and young adults, Dr. Harrus possesses considerable expertise in the treatment of developmental, anxiety, and conduct disorders, as well as depression, phobias, and obsessive behavior. Dr. Harrus is also equipped to help young patients deal with chronic illness and pain, difficulties interacting with peers and other social groups, and adoption conflicts. For adults, Dr. Harrus provides psychotherapy options to address contention in the parent/child relationship, emotional disorders, sexual difficulties, substance abuse, and suicidality.

Dr. Carol Harrus holds a Doctor of Medicine from the Temple University School of Medicine. She completed her initial post-graduate training in psychiatry at the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital (now Kirkbride Center), followed by a fellowship and residency in child and adolescent psychiatry at the Stanford University School of Medicine.