Caroline Itjen

Experienced New York Dental Hygienist Caroline Itjen

About Caroline Itjen

A dental hygienist with more than 20 years of experience, Caroline Itjen works as an independent contractor for dental practices in Queens and Long Island, New York. In this role, she provides a range of preventive dental services, including prophylactic cleanings, digital X-rays, oral cancer screenings, and fluoride treatments. Caroline Itjen additionally helps those with mild to moderate periodontal disease by performing deep cleanings and applying topical Arestin antibiotic therapy, which helps reduce the depth of periodontal pockets.

Itjen earned an associate of applied science in dental hygiene/biology at New York City Technical College in Brooklyn. An active member of the American Dental Hygienist Association, she stays current with the latest developments in her field by pursuing continuing education opportunities frequently.

Outside of her work educating patients on the importance of preventing oral health problems, Caroline Itjen is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys yoga and tennis. Also an animal lover, she volunteers as a dog walker with the North Shore Animal League.

Tips for Starting a Yoga Practice

A dental hygienist by profession, Caroline Itjen also pursues a personal interest in health and wellness. Caroline Itjen is an avid yoga practitioner.

If you are looking to start a personal yoga practice, a great place to begin is with self-acceptance. Experienced yogis understand that yoga is for anyone and requires no particular skill, previous knowledge, or level of flexibility. If you start from where you naturally are in these areas and allow your body to experience the practice in its own way, you will be able to get as much as possible from this physical and mental discipline.

Skill development will also play a crucial role in one's success, so you will want to find a good class and an experienced teacher. Many new practitioners like to start by choosing a style, such as hatha or vinyasa yoga, depending on the desired level of intensity. Online research can help you to learn about the various styles and to find an appropriate local class.

Your first classes will help you to become comfortable with such potentially new experiences as mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation. Practice in between sessions will help you to integrate these concepts into your life even more deeply. Meanwhile, your comfort with basic postures and relaxation practices will help to transform a new experience into something familiar.