Caroline Rodgers Social Worker

Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker: Walking Group

Caroline Rodgers social worker walks for health, exercise and fun, and has recently joined a walking group that provides her the opportunity to enjoy long walks through the English countryside. Often times the walks that Caroline Rodgers, social worker and her fellow walking enthusiasts take go as far away as the areas of Cornwall and Lake District, providing her a wonderful opportunity to get to know a new and exciting area.

Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker: Passionate Volunteer

Before fully committing herself to the field of social work, Caroline Rodgers, social worker enjoyed the chance to volunteer for some impactful and local organizations, including at a day centre in an inner city borough and with a group called Women’s Aid. Caroline Rodgers social worker generously gave of herself, her energy and her time to support and help people in the most need.

Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker: For the Betterment of Society

Caroline Rodgers, social worker has always been interested in making a real, lasting and tangible difference in the community, and for playing a role in creating and implementing the improvements needed to better protect and defend the rights of disadvantaged populations. Caroline Rodgers, social worker passionately pursued her interest in community involvement, and became a significant force for good in the London community.

Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker: Making a Difference for Women’s Aid

Before becoming a successful social worker, Caroline Rodgers volunteered her services to the Women’s Aid organization, a group devoted to providing a source of sanctuary and support to victims of domestic violence and abuse. Caroline Rodgers, social worker is proud to have been a part of Women’s Aid prior to her career in the social work field, and to have been there for local women in need of help.
Caroline Rodgers, Social Worker: Learning Instruments

Music has always interested Caroline Rodgers social worker, so much so, in fact, that she began to pursue lessons in learning how to play both the guitar and the saxophone. Though she has not been very successful with throughout the course of these lessons, Caroline Rodgers, social worker continues to remain passionate about music and that amazingly emotional experience it can provide the listener.

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