Wonder Character in the Spotlight:

Character's Tie to the Theme

The theme that I thought tied to August was bravery. He was lonely because he went to school he had no friends no one would touch him and he was ashamed he had a deformed face but he put that to the back of his mind lifted up his head and walked and acted like a normal person, he acted like him self, he has a lot of friends like Jack, Summer, and Justin he has a lot more but I cant name them all he has to much. August really has became him self and not someone he isn't. If someone is being mean to you then stand up for yourself or someone else, be brave and stand tall.

Character Influences

I thought Jack impacted August because August hung out with him and had a good time and got his mind off of Julian and his face so he was acting like a normal kid. August felt like an ordinary kid when he hung around Jack. August impacted a lot of people but the main one is Summer because he was kind and easy to talk to that she put her friends last so she did hang out with her friends but while every one did not like August she was brave enough to sit by him at lunch. There friendship was very important because Summer would not have him as a friend and that means August would have been by him self.

Art  Representation

This painting was by Claude Monet. I chose this painting because since he was lonely this describes him being alone with no one around but his mom because he always had his mom around, he is by himself in a field by the ocean having a peaceful day with his mom.

Character Analysis

by: Caroline Sanders