Wonder character in the spotlight:
Summer by: Caroline

Characters tie to the theme

The theme that my character learned is friendship, because she was shy at first but then she became August's friend cause she actually came up to him and said can I sit with you? This was at lunch. She also learned don't judge someone by how they look. This is the theme that impacted my character the most because I read this in the book and Summer did this because August had no friends and she thought she could be his friend that is also why the theme is friendship.

Character Influences

August is the other character that impacted my character Summer. August impacts Summer because he has some of her simalraties like friendship because he made some new friends. The character that I impacted the most is Summer. The relationship  that Summer gave to the story is kindness,and friendship. She gave kindness & friendship because she was nice to August and she asked him to be her friend. The kindness part is when Summer stands up for him in the story. Also when she wanted to sit with him at lunch.

Art Representation

The artist - Malorcka Acrylic. Title of art - tree love birds. This art involves my character because my character is Summer this is her because she is kind , friendly , and I imagine the birds are Summer & August. This picture has kindness in it because of the swerls in it .  It shows friendliness in it because of how the birds are bunched together. It looks like Summer and August because the birds are representing August and Summer because they became friends and in the picture they are watching a waterfall. It also shows friendlyness in it because of the tree branch in it  with all of the dots and leaves.

Character Analysis Video