Carolyn Cole

Staff Photographer at LA Times

About Carolyn Cole

An established photographer with many prestigious awards to her credit, Carolyn Cole currently operates as a staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times. Focused on capturing compelling images in new and interesting ways, Carolyn Cole is passionate about the stories she tells through imagery.

Over the years, Ms. Cole has covered many stories both domestic and abroad. In fact, her work in Liberia resulted in a Pulitzer Prize for feature photography. She has also worked on assignments throughout Iraq, Israel, Haiti, Kenya, and beyond. Featured in publications including Color Magazine, Time, and The Pulitzer Prize Photographs, Carolyn Cole continues to develop and enhance her own unique style. Her work has been featured in numerous shows throughout the world, such as the Via Pour L’Image, Into the Light, and at the Stephen Cohen Gallery. With degrees in both photography and photojournalism, she remains a respected industry professional with a high level of expertise and knowledge in her field.

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