Wanderlust, Ho! : Map Decor

Have you ever lusted after adventure, discovery, and the romanticism of eras past? Have you ever lamented the fact that the entire earth was discovered and mapped centuries before you were born? Have you ever wished you had been Christopher Columbus or Ferdinand Magellan (without the subsequent arrest by your patrons and death by mutiny, respectively)? Help satiate your unquenchable wanderlust with this cartography-inspired decor.

1. World Atlas Lithograph Map Reproduction (above)

Impress your friends with this world map print. Impress them more when you explain it's an early global trade map, probably 17th century, identifiable by the Venn-diagram shape and inaccurate continent depictions. Start to annoy them when you explain this development happened after T/O maps, but before Lambert conformal conic projection maps, but that really all two-dimensional representations of the earth fail to capture its true voluminous glory.

2. Long Island Gradient Map

Is it a functional navigational tool or a stunning art print? Irrelevant, since no one under the age of 20 knows how to read a map anymore and the rest of us are addicted to the GPS on our smartphones. I bet you couldn't even find Long Island on a map (unless it's THIS map. Please be able to find it on this map).

It sure looks legit, though. And pretty, which is obviously more important.

3. Recycled Canvas Globe Pouf

Ever wanted to be on top of the world? Well now you can be, literally! (And I mean the kind of literally that means "actually, without exaggeration", not "figuratively.") Canvas has a beautiful natural hue that evokes the high-sea splendor of sails along with the mainstream edginess of a pair of Converse. This pouf won't kill your arches, either!

4. Neighborwoods Map Coasters

Hipster? Artsy? Bougie? Trashy? Now have the low-down AND the visual aid for your heated discussions about the best (and worst) neighborhoods in your favorite cities. Added bonus: Condensation from the alcohol fueling this discussion will no longer leave unseemly rings on your coffee table.

5. Butterfly World Map

What could say "Wanderluster" louder than map-themed decor? Map-themed decor made out of butterflies: transient insects that spend their minuscule amount of time on this earth madly flocking to a far-off locale that is literally calling to them from deep within their genes, only to die as soon as they reach their destination.

But damn do they look good doing it. And now they look even better decorating your wall, reminding you how short and transient your life is!

6. Atlas Cork Board Set

Have you ever found yourself asking yourself, "Man, should I get a cork board or a cool piece of map art?" Well now you can have both with the Atlas Cork Board Set! Just remember that anything you pin to the cork board will change the shape of the continents (which would probably be catastrophic for weather patterns and/or urban development).

7. 6 Piece Paris Map Set

If your home is lacking sophistication, class it up with something French. A map of Paris is a great way to ignite fantasies of romantic walks in the rain, long-dead authors, accidental time travel, and Woody-Allen-induced self-discovery. If you would like to elevate said sophistication to a place of learnèd pretension, only refer to said map as "la carte de Paris en six parts."

8. Moonlight Globe

If regular maps and globes aren't Romantic enough for you, try adding a nighttime color scheme and the word "moonlight." Suddenly the magic of travel is 100x more potent -- and shiny. Added bonus: Now when the news lists countries you're unfamiliar with, you can figure out where they are!

Oh, who'm I kidding. No one watches the news anymore.

9. Vintage Nashville Map Metal Triptych

If sci-fi/futuristic is more your vibe, try an inverted color scheme and a metal ground for your map. This triptych even suggests some sort of quest, as the map has been divided into three durable parts perfect for stealing, hiding, and recovering.

If only it lit up and made random whirring noises.

10. Atlas Travel Journal

If you happen to be one of the lucky wanderlusters who is actually doing some travel, consider a custom travel journal. That way when you come back and tell stories about Spain, South Korea, Malaysia, or India for the next way-longer-than-any-of-your-friends-care, you'll have stylish documentation to back it up.

11. Continent Pillows

Sometimes the world is hard. Soften it up with this continent pillow set. Apparently Antarctica, South America, and Western Europe aren't actually continents though. You've been lied to your whole life. It's Pluto all over again.

12. Stainless Steel New York City Cut Map

One major component of modern art theory is form serving content. That is to say, the material should hold some relation to the subject matter. So of course it's perfect that New York City is depicted in stainless steel.

I'm sorry, is my Los Angeles showing?

13. Europe Political Map

And finally, a beautiful and informative map from National Geographic. Besides important information like latitude, longitude, country names, and major cities, they've been so kind as to inform us that this map is, in fact, EUROPE. Just in case you were wondering.