The case of the missing President...

By: Katie R & Rania D.

The crime.

By: Katie

Dec. 1 2013

One day at the White House, the Maid, Heather, said ''I was walking into the Oval Office to bring the President some tea at 4:00 p.m. I normally hear the President talking on the phone, or to someone in his office, but I heard nothing this time. I got to the end of the long dark hallway, and the AC was howling like a wolf. I went into the office. When I walked in, the President was gone. I dropped my tea, and rushed to inform everyone else.''

The Puzzling Question...
By: Rania

Who was sneaky enough to kidnap the President, and where is he now......?

Meet the detectives.

By: Rania

Chris Christian: He has a grey cloak, black hat, black boots, mustache, and always keeps his handy notebook with him. He is one of the best detectives in Alabama.He has solved many cases, that were at many different levels of complication. He is great at finding clues to solve the mystery. He was friends with the President, and also the maid. Heather asked him to help investigate when she found out about the President.

Suspect #1


Name:Heather Zichal.

Description: She has short blond hair, has maid uniform and angry face like a bear.

Motive: She didn't like cleaning, and also because she wants to be the President .

Alibi: She said she was off work when the President was reported missing.

Suspect #2


Name: Mel (President's taxi driver)

Description: Yellow shirt, black pants, black hat, big beard .

Motive: The President never tips him, every time he talks to him, he (president) always is mean, loud, and obnoxious.

Alibi:He was supposedly driving someone else around at the time of the crime.

Suspect #3


Name: Mrs.Janie Kinston (White House Guard)

Description: Blonde hair, grey shirt, black pants, dress shoes.

Motive: The President yells at her a lot.

Alibi: Said she was a member of the ABVCA Committee, and was arranging a new upcoming volleyball game in two weeks, with the rest of her group members on December 1, 2013.

Suspect #4

By: Rania

Name: Mary (personal assistant)

Description:Short Black hair, tall, always wears her red high heels.

Motive: President doesn't ever pay attention to her.

Alibi: Says she was eating out at Mugshots with her family at 7:00 p.m.


The President was walking to his office at 3:34 P.M. When suddenly he heard bang, bang downstairs. He wondered what it was, and went to find out what it was.

He walked slowly downstairs to the basement, when he saw a person with a mask on. He walked up to him/her and said, ''Do you have permission to be here?''

The mysterious man/woman (gender undetected) walked over to the security camera, spray painted it, (so we couldn't see anything) and ever since then, it made it where we had no idea where the President was, or who kidnapped him.