A Girls First Love

A child at play no care in the world,

A fimiliar sound breaks threw the air,

a truck pulls up and emerges a man,

he's a tall dirty beat up man,

the child shreaks and dashes toward him,

embracing the little girl he loves so dear,

he ponders the thought "she'll only be little so long",

as she grows so does there love,

when the day comes to give her away,

she cluches the mans arm dressed in white she says,

"don't worry daddy you'll always be my first love",

he smiles with puddles in his eyes and kisses her head,

walking her to her future,

a king giving her prince his princess,

for he does not fear the road ahead,

for it's a girls first love that's always on her mind,

and forever in her heart.

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2 years ago

Nice ... Check spelling !!