Casey Oates: Favorite Classes

Getting Hands-On with Forensic Science and Evidence Classes

How many of you have a professor that you find their class to be really interesting?

This semester the classes that I am enjoying the most are my forensic science class and my test of evidence class. In these classes we have basically been acting like crime scene investigators. We've done things like lifting fingerprints off of objects, casting and lifting footprints and tire tracks and even setting up mock crime scenes and learning how to properly photograph the area.

In the past week we had a drug dog named Dodger come in to our class. We hid objects around our tech building and watched him work as he found everything rather quickly. The part of class that I am looking forward to the most is when we study blood splatter patterns. We have these big tubes that we are going to fill with synthetic blood and hit dummies over the heads with them then measure the type of pattern formed by the blood.

It's the hands-on stuff that I like, what about you?