Casey Oates: Finals Study Tips

Well the time has come for a (LONG BREAK!!!!) I mean finals!

Some students at this time of the year are overwhelmed with trying to study for their finals. Stressing is the worst things you could possibly do. Some students feel like they have to study 24/7 and that's simply not the case. They shut themselves off from the rest of the world in a quiet area with nothing but their books and notes.

Studies have been done and it had been proven that a student will retain more of what they are studying if:

  • They are in a comfortable environment that way they are relaxed and ready to study.
  • They set different "SHORT" times throughout the day to study so you don't get overwhelmed from constant studying.
  • Even have some friends in a group together studying. With friends around the feeling is more chill and with different people talking it is possible that they are going to say something that you will remember. Maybe someone will tell a joke using a term or phrase that you need to know, you will be able to remember that term or phrase because you remember the joke.

Once finals are over you will be able to breathe and enjoy a nice long break!!! Then get ready to do it all over again. Good luck to all of you and see you in the spring!