Cashpoint Car Title Loans

Quick Advances on Vehicle Values

About Cashpoint Car Title Loans

Cashpoint Car Title Loans provides drivers with same-day advances based on the condition and model of their auto, truck, or SUV. The company puts a lien on the car title, which stays in place until the loan is repaid in full and the account is closed. Cashpoint’s loan amounts typically range from $250 to $10,000, and help car owners in need of quick liquidity avoid selling their vehicle at a below-market price to used-car dealers. Cashpoint offers all advances without the hassle of a credit check and with the transaction never affecting credit scores in any way.

Requirements for setting up a transaction with Cashpoint include holding a lien-free title. Depending on the state, all people listed on the title may need to be present for the transaction to go through. A driver’s license must be presented, as well as verification of residency, such as a rental agreement or phone or utility bills. Cashpoint is maintained by a number of holding companies, including Dominion Management Services, Inc., Dominion Management of Kansas, Inc., and Dominion Management of Delaware, Inc.

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