"Multiple payment methods to increase your conversion ratios
and profitability"

Online payments is not limited to credit cards. Every market has their own preferences. You choose your target and we help you how to offer the best payment method for each market you do business at. Benefit from more than 20 years of experience combined in Online payments. Did you knew that in Germany 65% of Online transactions are completed with a bank account rather than credit cards? Or that in Russia the most widely introduced payment method is a digital wallet? And that in Latin America bank account penetration is below the 30% of the total economic active population.

For this and other reasons we help our customers by offering the best payment method for each market.

SMS PAYMENTS - (Short codes)

* SMS payments is the optimize payment method for those selling low price digital goods. They offer a quick setup at an absurd conversion rate due to their simplicity, only two steps separate customers from your content.


Brasil is currently one of the most promising markets in terms of e-commerce projections however, their laws and protection policies make it very expensive to roll out operations not only in terms of cash but in terms of time spent. With our solution there is no need to incorporate in Brasil, simply start processing and we will take care of the rest for you.

ATM terminals and digital wallets

Compliance guidance for
fast approval of your account

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