Cassidy Nancy Torraville

Exit Portfolio of Allan Drive 2013-14

The school I had the privilege to be in, the family that will never be forgotten

Allan Drive Middle School

Starting in grade 6 here, it was a new start and I met a lot of new people who I've grown great friendships with. It was a great experience and after all the challenges I've been through these couple years, it's finally time to move on to highschool. It was great being here we it lasted.

25-30 Character Traits

4 Character Trait Paragraphs

TRUSTWORTHY - I presume myself to be trustworthy because people I hang out with can come to me when dealing with stressful situations. They trust and know I will keep things confidential if they ask me to. If they need me to be involved in the situation I will, but only if asked. I try my best to make sure everything's okay. Another reason is because I often listen and get my work done in classes when the teachers ask me to, lately I've been slacking off a bit but I try my best to stay on track and my teachers trust that.

SECRETIVE - Even though people are open with me, it's very hard for me to become open with others. I like to keep things to myself, afraid that what I say may upset or bother other people. Or when I actually can talk to someone, I tell them I'm having a horrible day and then when other people walk over I tell them I'm okay cause I'd rather not talk about it to someone else. One more reason I'm a very secretive is the fact that when I'm home I am most comfortable when I'm alone or in my room. I'm the type of person who picks thinking alone than explaining how I feel. No one ever knows what's going on with me. Often times, I don't either.

FRIENDLY - It comes naturally to me to be polite and friendly to people around me. My parents raised me the way every child should be raised; taught to be respectful of others and the decisions they make with their lives. When I go to someone's house I know to begin conversation with the family to leave a positive mark on them. The only downside of this character trait is that I tend to become the opposite of nice in some situations. When someone treats me poorly or with disrespect, I feel completely obligated to defend myself under any circumstances.

ARTISTIC - I grew up with an artistically talented father who would draw me pictures, some funny and some within meaning. I got a lot of my desires of the arts from him. I have a burning passion for art, it's like a piece of me. But my best area is sketching. Any time we do a school project to do with visual arts, I'm always into it 100%. Or if I was to have to become creative and draw for some occasion, I would be able to come up with something and have it the way I pictured it.

Video Clip:

This video, one of the Dove Campaign videos, is about how you see yourself and how different other people see you. Girls are the main target in this video but there are also men in this clip. We don't give ourselves enough credit for how beautiful we really are. This video relates to me because I have doubts in myself and sometimes it's hard to walk out the door of my house because my reflection is the first thing I see before I leave and there are always so many flaws I point out. But not until I joined "IMGIRL" in grade 7 that I noticed how others may see me and how different the perspective is. It's just hard sometimes because I wish I saw myself the way they see me. This video impacted me to the point where occasionally I could relate so much that it would upset me. I had such a horrifying stage in my life where my body image would bother me, like the majority of today's teenagers/adults. But I now know better, that I am beautiful, and so is everyone else in their own way.


"There's a funeral home
Carrying caskets of memories
Within my aching body.
Memories that once made
me feel like
I was devouring a beautiful
morning sky.
Now, make lightning travel
Around my bones.
For this funeral is
Not going to end because
I refuse to cover bittersweet
memories under piles of brown dirt."

          -Alexa Evangeline @vodkakilledtheteens

This is a passage written by an everyday person that is a blogger on Tumblr. It's one of my favorite ones out of all the ones I adore. When I read this, it reminds me of this entire project's topic; legacy, how we want to be remembered. This passage is stating that, when I die, whenever that may be, I have memories that aren't ready to die with me. They are infinite and should live forever, not be covered by six feet of dirt.



"Like our lives, the weather changes sun-filled smiles into thundered in nights, sometimes quickly, sometimes instantaneously. And another thing about storms is that they are always gone by morning. You never know how bad the storm was that night until you look out the window that day."


"I'm starting to realize that people lack good mirrors. It's so hard for anyone to show us how we look, and so hard to show anyone how we feel."


"All the advertisy I've had in my life, all the troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me.. You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.


"People say I make strange choices, but they're not strange for me. My sickness is that I'm fascinated by human behaviour, by what's underneath the surface, by the world inside people."

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