Wonder Character in the Spotlight:

Character's Tie to the Theme

The theme that affected her was friendship. I know this because she changed over the summer and didn't  hang out with her old friends then she realized that she had changed.She becomes friends with Olivia .They were really good friends and then they wernt and then she started to hang out with her again.then they started to get together after miranda gave olivia the head lead part in the play, she acted like she was sick and dint feel veary well.so thats when they were friends again.

Character Influences

Miranda's biggest influence is Olivia. Olivia because she was her best friend ever. she did because  she was her best friend and they wernt friends but she really wants to be frinds again and started to be friends again. she influences August because they are like best buds.they would get along so well.when Augut was little she gave him a astronaunt helmet and he wore that for as long as he could.so olivia influenced miranda and miranda influenced august.

Art Representation