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History Behind the Dish:
Its also a slow-cooked casserole originating in the south of France. The dish is named after its traditional cooking vessel, the casserole, a deep, round, earthenware pot with slanting sides. It started in the region of Languedoc. The region once known as the province of Languedoc is the traditional homeland of cassoulet, especially the towns of Toulouse, Carcassonne, and Castelnaudary, the town which claims thebe where the dish originated from. It was a humble dish of dried beans cooked with various sausages and preserved meats. One legend places the birth of cassoulet during the siege of Castelnaudary by the Black Prince of Wales, in 1355. Cassoulet, whose origin has become slightly murky but whose popularity continues to grow. This dish from the Southwest of France has all the makings of perfect “peasant food” : beans, preserved meats, and undeniable heatiness. Its mostly a fancy food because of how long i t takes to cook. Its more like a special a occasion kind of meal because again of how long it takes to cook the dish.


  • 4 Poulet cuisses, couper en 1/2
  • Sel et poivre
  • 1/2 livre bacon
  • 1 le oignon
  • Trois céleri
  • Deux carotttes
  • une demie-tasse de jus de raisin
  • Deux tasse de haricots
  • 1 feuille de laurier
  • deux cuillère à café de thyme
  • Une demie-tasse de poulet  


Nous chauffons le four deux 350, nous sec poulet et frottement avec le sel et le poivre

Nous ajoutons le bacon dans le four. Nous le prenons et mettons le bacon sur un assiette.

Nous ajoutons le poulet

Nous mettons les oignons, les céleris, les carottes, et l’ail dans.

Nous faisons la poêle à frire avec jus de raisin.

Nous remuons les haricots, feuille de laurier et thyme.

Nous mettons le poulet cuisses et le bacon dans la casserole. Nous mettons le poulet et cuire et four pour 20 minutes

Nous prenons le cassoulet.

Nous levons le four et cuire de four cinquante minutes.

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