Castle and Cooke

Serving Customer and Business Interests Since 1951

About Castle and Cooke

Castle and Cooke was originally established more than 160 years ago in the US territory that would soon become the state of Hawaii. Since that time, the firm has become a leader in food, transportation, and real estate markets throughout the world. It currently oversees a wide portfolio of private and publically traded companies in the fields of aviation, logistics, mining, and real estate development. Castle and Cooke’s umbrella of companies also features a number of hotels and resorts, including three Four Seasons establishments.

Building upon its long history of real estate development, the company founded a home mortgage division in 2005. Doing business under the name Castle and Cooke Mortgage, LLC, this company uses technology and targeted industry expertise to greatly streamline the home financing process for clients in 13 US states. Its paperless Express Funding system can complete mortgage transactions much faster and more efficiently than traditional filing methods.

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