Catch-22 - Joseph Heller


Catch-22 gives the story of a World War 2 bombardier who isn't a big fan of the war himself. With the thought that everybody wants to kill him and that war makes everybody crazy he tries as best as he can to stay away from the war. Whether its staying in a hospital or hiding from the Lieutenant, Yossarian will try many humorous and unbelievable ways to stay away from war.

“He was going to live forever, or die in the attempt.”

Check out the potential setting of the book!

This book seems like a long book and may be a little intimidating but after you begin you'll be engulfed in to the story. After a slow start it may seem tough to notice the difference between the past and the present, but that is what makes the book so good! You will be a little confused with the style of the book, but it will play in to the whole picture the author establishes.

The book is quite a page-turner and will make you laugh and chuckle many times, I recommend this book as it is very different from many of the books on the AP list and is a new and fun concept to the typical writing style.

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