Rooms in the Roman Bath

By Cate Shaunessy

Balnei- 3 Main baths

The main baths for relaxing. First things you see.

Calidarium- Hot Bath

This room is hot and steamy, heated by the hypocaust, an underground heating system. This and the Tepidarium are used to open the pores.

Tepidarium- Warm Bath

This room is warm, but not quite as hot as the Calidarium. It too is heated by the hypocaust.

Frigidarium- Cold Bath

This is a large bath for after the Caldiarium and the Tepidarium, and is used to close the pores.

Taberna- Shop

These shops are a perfect way to relax with some retail therapy. They are a must whenever you frequent the baths.

Templum- Temple                   

The temple to Sulis Minervae is the perfect place to pray to and honor the gods.

Thats All!

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