Cathy Steckelberg, Dog Lover and Art

Cathy Steckelberg is an artist based in the famous city of Denver Colorado. Like many residents of this great state, she is a lover of the outdoors and mild weather around the year. Along with this love of the outdoors, Colorado residents love dogs and all they have to offer. Cathy Steckelberg is one of those lovers of dogs, and she has had a number of dogs of her own. She loves working with dogs, walking them for recreation and taking care of their needs.

Cathy Steckelberg often goes for short walks and finds time to go to outdoor dog parks which are quite popular in Colorado. These parks usually let dogs play interactively, sometimes featuring organized dog activities, games for dogs and walking events. Dogs can be leashed or unleashed in most cases. Families and dogs often get together on a daily basis or on the weekends to have dog fun in a dog environment. Dogs are often a subject of Steckelberg’s art and they have inspired many pieces that she has produced and shared with friends and family.

Steckelberg is also an art teacher. She has been teaching art for many years and much like her passion for dogs, she loves working with both kids, the elderly and adults. Cathy Steckelberg tries to always give back to her community, donates time and class time and works with people throughout the city. Steckelberg loves to go swimming for recreation, a skill that dates back to her youth and there are many places to swim in the community.

Cathy Steckelberg, Values

Cathy Steckelberg is a Denver Colorado teacher in the subject of art. She teaches art to many people in the community of all ages in a variety of venues. At the core of her teaching, Steckelberg has a number of values that help drive her passion. Obviously, she has a deeply held reverence for art, and loves sharing its value and benefits with the community. She feels that this is an expression that deserves to be at the core of teaching curriculums in general as well as an optional interest for the public to enjoy. She feels that art is a fundamental human outlet, and people need to share that and learn about it, hopefully inspiring people to produce it themselves. Steckelberg also has other primary values that help drive her passion for art. She is a big supporter of family, church and community. Steckelberg values families and the passage of generational inspirations, values and experiences. She feels that the family structure is a valuable part of the community and always shares and contributes to family-focused events and causes. Steckelberg is also very close to church values. She feels that religious values are tremendously important to people and can help them guide their lives and choices. She knows that religion has also inspired some tremendous works of art, speaking to the central core of being for many artists for generations past and present. She also loves teaching in the community, sharing art and her life experience through the relationships she builds with her students. Some of her favorite past times include taking long walks with her dogs and swimming.

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