The Causes of Poverty

Help stop poverty around the world!

Poverty can affect up to 35.9 million Americans including 13 million children

Millions of families are effected by poverty everyday. Many people working a full time minumum-wage job are actually below paverty level by $3,000. By estimation, about 70%of women in America live in poverty. In third world countries, the main reasons for poverty is natural disasters, lack of knowledge skills and education. In America, it's the lack of being able to group with other races or stereotyping. Also, lack of knowledge, education, and resources.

Causes and the amount of poverty depends on where it the world it is occuring. For example, America may have more poverty than China. Often higher crime rates, teen pregnancy, drugs, welfare, and food stamps are mistaken for being the cause of poverty. Resolving poverty in the U.S would be a smart investment for this country. It would give kids and their families a chance to educate and better themselves.

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