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Duties of a Money Manager, an Explanation Presented by Cavbus Trading

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From its home base in East Hills, New York, Cavbus Trading, LLC, offers insights into many of the terms that the financial industry uses on a daily basis. Cavbus Trading explains the duties of a money manager in terms of the services such a person provides.

Responsible for a client's personal wealth and investment choices, the money manager considers a client's goals and present situation to determine strategy. In some cases, a client will meet with a money manager lacking definitive goals for his or her finances. In these cases, the money manager can assess the client's financial situation, values, and plans for the future to develop clear-cut financial targets.

Once goals are set, the money manager and client discuss strategies for reaching these goals. The money manager draws on a knowledge of investment products and market activity to select those investments that are appropriate and carry a level of risk with which the client is comfortable. The manager then also determines how much of the client's capital should go into each investment. As the relationship progresses, the money manager continues to track account progress and make re-investment decisions based on the client's needs and his or her own professional expertise.