Civilians in Space

By: Jackson Gearen

I think civilians shouldn't be able to go into space. There are many reasons that support my choice like the cost and safety. Even though it would be cool to go into space and experience zero gravity, astronauts can be more productive. Here are some reasons why I think civilians shouldn't be allowed into space.

If civilians were allowed to go into space, it would cost a ton! Only people with lots of money could afford that. A lot of work goes into building a shuttle also like the state of the arc technology and the actual shuttle. There would also be a big fee for the astronauts taking you up there. If i were to name a price I would say that one ticket would at least cost $2 million.

The second reason is safety hazards. On board, there are many buttons, knobs, and levers that only trained professionals are supposed to use. If a civilian accidentally  bumps into one of them, they risk the lives of everyone else on board. Even though it would be an awesome experience, many things could go wrong.

My final reason is it would require years of training. This would include countless hours of exercise. You would also have to have a strong stomach so you don't toss your cookies. Training would also include going to astronaut school to at least know the basics.

These are not all the reasons but they are among some of the most important ones. Space travel is dangerous, don't risk your life!

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