who am I ?

My name is Janet Romo I'm a Freshmen I go to Parkland High School  I like soccer and my favorite team is Real Madrid because they play good and theirs Cristiano Ronaldo in the team. I'm in this program named Upward Bound I love to be in this program because it helps me to  become a better person and have a career it prepares me for college. My favorite food is mexican food I love it and I like spice food. My favorite football team is the Cowboys because i like how they play and because one of the players has the same last name as mine and it's cool to have a jersey that has your last name. I would love to travel when I get older, an example that I would love to travel is Miami, Spain the places where I already visit is Dallas TX,, San Diego, San Antonio TX and South Padre Island and hopefully I travel the world. I want to go to Utep when I get older to become a teacher of Elementary I like to hear different type of music.

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