Getting Back on the Board with Bethany Hamilton

By:Rachel Davis

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  1. Image of Movie Soul Surfer
  2. What If No Arm was ever Lost?
  3. Compare and Contrast Diagram
  4. Real Shark that Bit Bethany's Arm off image
  5. How is She still a Professional Surfer?
  6. Problem and solution Diagram
  7. Bethany Hamilton surfing image
  8. Bethany Hamilton's Journey through Life
  9. Timeline Diagram
  10. About The Author

Bethany Hamilton had a movie made about her accelerating story of not giving up.

What if No Arm was ever Lost?

     Bethany Hamilton lost her arm in the shark attack. She became famous for not giving up. She was an inspiration, but what if she never lost her arm? Sure, Bethany would still be a professional surfer but not famous for being inspirational. Bethany has many movies made after her and her stories about not giving up. If she never lost her arm, there would be no story which means no movies would have been made. Bethany believes God does things for a reason and if she did not have a shark attack that day, she would think that god saved her from any shark attack or harm for a reason. Nothing that happened after the shark attack would have happened, there would be a whole other life she would live.

Compare and contrast Diagram

Yes, this is the actual beast, caught by Ralph Young and Billy Hamilton. The Jaws are a perfect match. - Bethany Hamilton

How is she still a Professional Surfer?

Bethany Hamilton had a problem. She lost her arm in a shark attack on the north shore of Kauai beach. A tiger shark bit off her left arm. The doctors tried to leave as much arm left as they could, but she was left with only a little stub. Now Bethany is having trouble surfing and even making a simple meal. How does she solve this? She gets right up and starts to practice and train her way up to the top again. With the help of friends, family, and psychologist Dr. Paul in a short while, all that hard work paid off! Bethany was as good as before even with only one arm. Bethany also improved her surfing a little bit more. This shows that when you’re in a slump, don’t give up, and try your hardest to solve that problem. Bethany Hamilton has inspired many people to keep on trying and to stand up and be strong.

Problem and Solution Diagram

Practice makes perfect!

I guess this is why I was given the ESPY Award for Best Comeback Athlete in 2004

Bethany Hamilton's Journey through Life

     Bethany Hamilton was born in Wilcox memorial Hospital February 8th 1990 in Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii. She has two older brothers named Noah and Timmy. Her parents are Cheri and Tom Hamilton. She learned to surf by her parents and by 1999 when she was nine, she got her first two sponsorships. One from Rip Curl and the other one from Carroll Surfboards. Bethany Hamilton had everything going awesome until one day in 2003. She got in too a shark attack when she was only 13 years old. She tried her hardest and even with one arm, she carried on her surfing. For that, she got many awards, got to go on talk shows, and the News. She even has books about her story. Bethany also goes around the world for trips to help or for surfing competitions. 2010 was when they started to film Soul Surfer. An inspirational story about Bethany’s shark attack. It came out in the theaters in 2011. After that, she got more awards on her movie and other accomplishments but also got engaged and married to Adam Dirks in 2013. Her life now is going pretty great more Competitions, awards, books and speeches even movie appearances.

Timeline Diagram

About the author: Rachel Davis lives in Richmond Virginia and is in 6th grade of Holman middle school. She picked Bethany Hamilton because she is a very inspiring person. Bethany Hamilton did not back down when she got bitten by a tiger shark. She also does the sport surfing and is professional at it. Rachel would soon love to try surfing and loves the water.

Bethany Hamilton has won many awards and has been a great role model to Rachel Davis.


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Shark picture and Bethany Hamilton surfing were first founded in the book Soul Surfer A true story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to get back on the board.

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