Malala Is The Voice of My Generation

1. Influences people to grant girls an education.

2. Stands up for girls that can’t get an education in the world, and goes to extreme measures to make it happen.

3. Has her own organization to help girls get an education.

1. Influences People to Grant Girls an Education

Malala is from Pakistan were girls don't get an education. She wanted to get and education and also she wanted other girls to get an education. She started a new movement. A CNN article states, "Around the world, the young blogger became a poster child for a widespread need to permit girls to get an education." Through her actions she influences the others to let girls have an education they despretly need.

2. Stands Up for Girls that can’t Get an Education in the World, and Goes to Extreme Measure to Make it Happen

Even after Malala was shot and as she continues to get threats from the Taliban she stands up for girls education. An article from CNN states, "And she continued to advocate around the world for a girl's right to an education, speaking before the U.N." Not only did Malala fight for education before she was shot, now she knows the consequences and still fights.

3. Has Her Own Organization to Help Girls Get an Education

Not only did Malala speak out about the problem of girls not getting an education, she is actually taking steps to help solve the problem. Malala started her own fund. Acorrding to the website The Malala Fund helps many girls all around the world. Malala is a great and selfless role model to our generation.